About ME

I was born in Tanzania, then a British territory, in East Africa. Following secondary education in my country of birth I commenced my architectural studies in Nairobi, Kenya and after a brief period joined a night school in London, the UK, where I qualified. Before my retirement from my private practice in the UK my wife Penny and I came to holiday in Kerala, India and fell in love with this green, warm and interesting part of the world. After searching for months, we located a plot with far reaching views. Its scope having been agreed between us, our residence here, named Jharokha, was designed and detailed by me in its entirety and built under my supervision. It embodies my principles of functional design where the flexible space is defined and not enclosed unnecessarily. The building also reflects my thoughts on the discipline and clarity of structure and the secondary elements. My other main interests include painting and listening to music from diverse civilizations.  In painting I am exploring representational and rep. and non-rep. abstract art. I work mainly in water colour and acrylic and occasionally in crayons and soft pastel.

I hope you find this website of interest.